51 Things about Me

I thought it would be fun to let my readers into my life a little more than usual.  A blog isn’t only about reading useful information is it?  It is a real person with a real life and interests who is writing!  And, I like to get to know the personalities behind my favorite blogs, so I thought I’d give everyone a small window into me.  I will even provide a picture that my husband took of me last week that I don’t like.  How’s that for transparency??

  1. I enjoy laughing with my husband.  Usually, as he laughs at me
  2. and I LOVE hearing my kids laugh.
  3. I think 75 with no humidity is the perfect temperature.
  4. I genuinely enjoy running.
  5. I LOVE homemade mochas
  6. and dark chocolate.
  7. I love having good conversations with friends
  8. or reading a good book.
  9. I also like organizing (my husband tells me I’m obsessed)
  10. and trying new recipes
  11. I like learning about health & nutrition (if you couldn’t guess)
  12. it is exciting to me.
  13. But I get especially excited when I meet someone else who is genuinely interested in health and nutrition
  14. My favorite author is John Piper,
  15. 15. And my current favorite book is The Mission of Motherhood.
  16. I really like getting up early before anyone else is awake
  17. I am highly pragmatic
  18. but very emotional, too.
  19. It is important to me to have purpose behind why I do things,
  20. even things like enjoying ice cream.
  21. I hate being sick,
  22. and I don’t like how being really tired feels.
  23. I am hyper-sensitive about offending people
  24. and am a peacemaker at heart.
  25. I am running my first half-marathon next Saturday,
  26. two days before we move!
  27. I have the most amazing, godly husband,
  28. and the two cutest kids.
  29. I have been known to be a little too demanding when it comes to organization in our house,
  30. but I’ve also gone several weeks between bathroom cleanings.
  31. I hate spiders.
  32. Scripture memory is important to me,
  33. since I am forgetful of the Lord’s goodness and promises, and Truth.
  34. It took me about two years to get bread-making down.
  35. I have about one “miss” a week with new recipes that I try.
  36. I struggled with my food budget last month.
  37. I buy almost all of my clothes from thrift or consignment stores,
  38. and almost all of them are name brand (like it really matters!).
  39. I enjoy public speaking,
  40. but not preparing for it!
  41. My favorite type of food is Mexican
  42. and I’ve never had Sushi.
  43. Did I mention I like dark chocolate?
  44. I mean, I really like it.
  45. My daughter thinks butter is icing,
  46. and I’m okay with that!
  47. Sometimes I waste time on Facebook,
  48. but other times I spend too much time working.
  49. I enter every receipt into our budget
  50. and LOVE my husband for creating our budget!
  51. I had a hard time thinking of 51 things to tell you about me!

51 things about me

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One Response to 51 Things about Me

  1. Erika says:

    I knew we were twins separated at birth! Not identical ones, of course. Except for the running stuff, I could use this as a list to describe me. (I ran for a few years in middle and high school until I realized at the start of my senior year that I hated it, at which point I flung myself into theatre and choir. It was a much better fit.) I especially could relate to the unique juxtoposition of 29 and 30.