Better Than a Starbucks Mocha

better than a starbucks mochaI don’t know about you, but I love mochas.  I know I told you about this already in one of my other posts, but I thought I should let you in on my recipe!  Not only is it yummy, but it is nutritious and much more frugal than going to Starbucks to buy one.  All of these things make it better than a Starbucks mocha to me.  You can still enjoy gourmet coffee but at a fraction of the cost.

Get ready.  This will be a big mocha. You would easily pay at least $4.00 for this at Starbucks!

First, brew a strong cup of coffee.

Next, fill a regular-sized coffee mug with milk.  Pour it into a saucepan and heat.  While it’s heating, add two tablespoons of cocoa powder, honey to taste, and a drop of vanilla extract.  Whisk until it’s well blended and hot.

Now, find a large mug or travel mug and pour in your hot chocolate milk first, followed by the coffee.  Add honey to taste if needed.

Voila!  To make it extra tasty, you can whip up some homemade whipped cream to top it with.

Mmm…I think I might need to go make one now.

Note: I recommend using organic coffee decaffeinated using the Swiss water process.  I would also recommend using raw milk and raw honey.  Organic vanilla and organic cocoa powder would be preferable as well.

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2 Responses to Better Than a Starbucks Mocha

  1. Edie says:

    Kelly, I didn’t know you loved coffee so much. We have an expresso maker and just started making Mocha Frappacinos. We usually are vanilla latte people. These Mochas are awesome. Alan and I would have made you one.

  2. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Oh my, Frappuccinos would be my fave! Although lattes are great, too. I do like coffee, but I stick to decaf.