Adding Beauty to Your Home with Scripture

I love having Scripture on my walls.  It’s been a habit since I became a believer in high school to decorate a room by writing out Scripture verses as decoration on pretty paper or in some decorative manner that I “designed.”  Nothing fancy, but it was enough to help me keep Scripture on my mind and in my heart throughout my days and to add a personal touch to a room.

A few years ago, I heard about a company, Fruitful Vine Creations, who makes vinyl lettering for walls.  If you have something in mind that you want “written” on your wall, they can probably do it!  I filed it into my mental cabinet for future reference.  We have never been in a place in which I could make such a “permanent” decoration.  Though, I have to add, the lettering is not permanent.  It is easy to take off.  It’s just that if I was going to spend money to decorate, I wanted to be in the house for longer than a year.

When we moved into the house we are currently renting, the owners gave us complete freedom to literally do whatever we want in the way of decoration.   This was music to my ears!  In nearly 6 years, I have painted one room.  I was delighted, even though we don’t know how long we’ll be here.  You have to understand, this house has not had paint on the walls in years.  I’d guess at least 15.  It needed doing.  And the kitchen, well, you just take a look at what its appearance before my mom and I got to it:


before 2

Now, it was not hideous wallpaper, just a bit outdated.  But for a woman who wants to make a place her own, I didn’t forsee it sticking around too long.  I had an idea of what I wanted and after all the wallpaper came down (thanks to my mom!), the walls were spackled and primed, on went the paint and my long-awaited Scripture vinyl lettering for the finished product:

new kitchen 1

new wall 1

new wall 2

A totally different look!  And I absolutely love it.  It has completely changed the appearance of the whole room.

Check out Fruitful Vine Creations, they are a wonderful Christian-owned company who were great to work with!

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3 Responses to Adding Beauty to Your Home with Scripture

  1. Tonya says:

    It looks great! Wow! What a transformation! I love the color of your wall also. What did you use? It is so fun to see the final product! Thanks for sharing.

    ~The Fruitful Vine Lady

  2. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Thanks! I had the color matched to Olympic Paint’s “Highland Meadow.” Lowe’s carries the paint. I am really happy with it! The Scripture is what adds so much character though!

  3. Erika says:

    I love your kitchen color and scripture! It was so neat to see “before” pictures too!