Weekend Reading

Here’s a few articles and blog posts that caught my attention this week that you might benefit from reading over the weekend in all of your *free time*…Happy weekend!  I hope it’s both productive and restful.

Health & Nutrition

Dairy Intolerance Vanishes with Raw Milk – The story of one family’s journey from dairy to no-dairy, back to raw dairy.

Four Simple and Different Methods for Freezing Strawberries – Want to know what to do with all of those strawberries?  This is an excellent help!

Home Remedies for Minor Burns – A great post defining different types of burns and how to treat them at home.

Family Life

Parenting:  When the Heart’s Not in it – Tips from a mom of 8 on how to lovingly shepherd our children’s hearts when their hearts do not seemed inclined to the Lord.

10 Keys to Patient Motherhood – This will bring a smile to your face, probably because you can relate to the author’s circumstances.  Helpful tips to help us to be patient.  Though, I would add that I like to label my sin with Biblical word descriptions.  Helps deal with it instead of giving a false label and never really dealing with the sin.  She uses “frustration” a lot. In my own life, “frustration” can usually best be described as anger.  Just something to think about!

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet – Okay, this is not just one post.  It’s the whole blog.  You just have to check it out.  Sara is an amazing writer and I like to think that if we ever really meet, we’d be good friends.  I love the way she writes.  I often read thinking, “She is communicating in such an eloquent way what I wish I could spit out!” Who knows if she’d feel the same way! Ha!  This is my favorite personal blog!

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