5 of My Favorite, Most Used Kitchen Gadgets

I seem to be in list mode, have you noticed?  I often times think best in the form of lists.  My husband would laugh at me for saying that.  He saw me filling out a sheet of paper the other day – a list nonetheless – and said, “I bet you really like that, huh?”  I looked at him and asked what he meant.  He said, “It’s a list.  You love lists.  It’s helping you organize.”

I digress.

In my kitchen, there are gadgets and appliances that I seem to use constantly.  Are you the same way?  Things that would make life in the kitchen much more difficult if I didn’t own them.  Now, I’m not going to list things like my oven or stove, because, well, that’s a given.  I don’t use a microwave (!!) so I use my range all the time.   In no particular order, here are my favorite standby kitchen gadgets and appliances:cast iron skillet

1.  Cast iron skillet – it stays on my stove!  I have a large 10-inch size, but I’d love a smaller one also.

2.   Pampered Chef measuring spoons – I have the teaspoons and tablespoon measurements

3.  Bosch Universal Mixer – while I don’t use the mixer everyday, I almost always use the blender attachment daily.  It is the best I’ve ever used!

4.  Simple glass pitcher – we buy distilled water (and re-mineralize it), but I don’t like keeping it in the unattractive gallon jug it comes in.  I love adding a simple, personal touch buy keeping a pitcher of water on my counter all the time.

5.  Glass jars.  I use them for everything!  I love not only that they are safe for food storage, but that are a great way to decorate!

What do you use daily that you could not live without?

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2 Responses to 5 of My Favorite, Most Used Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Tami says:

    how do you season your cast iron? I’ve heard bacon grease is a good way, but looking for an alternative….

  2. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Tami, this is a great article about seasoning cast iron skillets.