My June Menu Plan

As promised yesterday,  my menu plan for June is below.

Remember, I plan with daily themes, so you’ll see some patterns! Also, we eat a variety of veggies and I don’t always plan out specifically which ones we’ll eat.  It depends on what is fresh at farmer’s markets, on sale, or what hits the spot when shopping.  I have a specified amount of grocery money that I spend on produce each week, so whatever I can get under that price we’ll eat!

Currently, we don’t have dates nailed down for when we’ll have guests or be gone.  I’ll simply adjust accordingly as things come up!

For dessert at some point, I plan to make Lindsay’s Coconut Brownies and Coconut Ice cream.  It looks so good!  I also want to make this recipe for Cream Cheese Pound Cake to eat with strawberries.  The picture makes my mouth water!

Without further ado, here’s the menu:

1:  Beans & Rice, salad

2: Creamy Quinoa Primavera and raw veggies

3: Summer Salad #1 and muffins (recipe for salad coming soon!)

4:  Bean & Barley Stuffed Peppers, salad

5:  Pancakes (without the chocolate! simply substitue 1/2 c flour instead.  Yum!!)

6:  Snacks or leftovers

7:  Beef Burritos, cooked carrots & raw peppers

8:  Beans & Rice, salad or veggies

9:  Rice & Veggie Stir Fry

10:  Summer Salad #2 (recipe soon!)

11:  Chicken Enchiladas, veggies

12:  Eggs & coffeecake

13:  Snacks or leftovers

14:  Salsa Verde Beef, cole slaw

15:  Beans & Rice, salad or veggies

16:  Sweet potatoes, green beans, garden produce

17:  Guacamole salad w/tortilla chips

18:  Chicken Divan, veggies

19:  Pancakes

20:  snacks or leftovers

21: Pepperocini Beef wraps, veggies

22:  Beans & Rice, veggies or salad

23:  Twice Baked Potatoes (recipe soon!)

24:  Taco Salad (with beans)

25:  Squash casserole, salad

26:  Breakfast (undecided!)

27:  snacks or leftovers

28:  Italian Roast Wraps, veggies

29:  Beans & Rice, veggies

30:  BBQ beef, sweet potatoes, veggies

Come back tomorrow to see which meals I plan to freeze and how I do it!

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