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Many women struggle or have struggled with infertility at some point.  In fact, 1 in 6 woman face infertility.  Are you one of them?  Maybe you haven’t struggled with infertility but are hoping to have children in the future.  If you fall into either of these categories, Donielle over at Naturally Knocked Up has prepared an in-depth E-course just for you!

Donielle has faced and overcome PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) herself and just had her second baby last year!  Her motto over at NKP is “increasing the odds of conception through natural living and nourishing foods.“  She is passionate about spreading information about real food to women who struggle with infertility.

I too had my own struggles with wondering whether we’d have children due to irregular cycles and a very large uterine fibroid (8-10lbs, the size of a watermelon!) that required removal via myomectomy.  A year later, after a lot of prayer, tears,  and changes in our lifestyle, I conceived our first child.  So, while I have not struggled with PCOS, I can relate to the emotional turmoil that exists (the month prior to surgery was one filled with uncertainty as we were told I was believed to have cancer and then another disease that would make it nearly impossible to conceive), as well as the desire to do whatever I can to prepare my body for conception.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a planner.  Planning for pregnancy is a no-brainer to me.  Because I believe that it is the Lord that has the control and not myself, I want to be ready at any point for the possibility of conception.  I don’t assume I will get pregnant at any point, but want to be a good steward should the Lord choose to open my womb.  I do not take pregnancy for granted after our experience.  In fact, my belief that the Lord controls fertility has only strengthened.  Therefore, please remember that not everyone will conceive once lifestyle changes take place. I believe the Lord opens and closes the womb and that conception is ultimately a gift from Him.  I do believe, however, that we should seek to nourish our bodies and provide a hospitable environment for conception and a growing baby.

If you are interested in learning about how to prepare  for pregnancy, how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, I would highly recommend this 12 week course which begins on July 12.  I’ve had the opportunity to review the first week of the course and am so impressed by the time and research that has gone into it. In fact, I will be going through the course myself!  Not only will you be provided helpful worksheets that you’ll no doubt return to, she’ll also have podcasts and video tutorials so you can learn how to implement some of the things she teaches about!

Here is what she’ll be covering:

Week 1:  Cleansing Your Body

Week 2:  Natural Living

Week 3:  Preparing Your Body Through Exercise

Week 4:  Fertility Awareness

Week 5:  Real Nutrition

Week 6:  Super Foods for Fertility

Week 7:  What Not to Eat

Week 8:  Herbs and Fertility

Week 9:  Alternative Treatments for Infertility

Week 10:  Stress

Week 11:  Tips for Increased Fertility

Week 12:  Where to Start

Does 12 weeks seem like a big commitment?  Think of it this way:  this course will take the amount of time that you spend in ONE trimester of pregnancy.  Spending 1/3 of the time learning is a small sacrifice, really.

Talk it over with your husband.  Have him look through the general overview to get an idea of what will be offered.  Seek the Lord about it.  If all lights are green, enroll!  Registration ends July 16.

I have benefited from Donielle’s blog for some time now and encourage you to stop by when you get a chance!  Even if you have never struggled with infertility, it’s worth checking out and learning from!

I am an affiliate of the Naturally Knocked Up E-Course.   I do not recommend anything that I would not feel comfortable with myself, and, as I already mentioned, I will be going through the course as well.  Thank you for your support!

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