Weekend Reading – 6/25

Happy weekending!  It’s been an extremely busy week for us, but it has been very productive and so full of the Lord’s grace!   I hope to write soon of some things He’s been doing in my life on a more personal level.  I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and am seeking wisdom as to how much to let my mystery readers into the corners of my heart.

I have been putting away meals for the freezer and it feels so good to have them done!  I decided to go ahead and take some days to do freezer cooking and so far it’s yielded three meals worth of pepperocini beef,  two spinach bacon quiches, two chicken divans (I’m not a casserole kinda gal but decided to try the recipe), about two gallons of chicken stock, and tomorrow I’ll work on two chicken pot-pies and two meals worth of chicken enchiladas.  Not to mention that we ate some of the chicken tonight and I have a leftover cup to do something with.  All of the chicken recipes came from two chickens that I roasted and made broth from!  And with the help of a younger woman I’ve been spending time with, we made a little over two dozen tortillas today.  A local friend has been inspiring to me and she’s been up to the same this week so it’s been encouraging to compare notes an spur one another on.  She made eight lasagnas today!  It’s definitely doable with two little ones running around!  And it’s so rewarding.  My freezer is slowly getting stocked!

Without further ado, here are some quick reads (mostly good deals on various products!) for the weekend…


The issue we all face: “Mom Guilt” – a good reminder for those of us who lean  toward being “Type A.”

Health & Nutrition

Man-Made Flavors Are Bad for Your Health -Very simple, straight-forward post about artificial flavors.

A great deal on 7th Generation diapers – We are using disposable diapers currently and these are my favorite.  My deal was not quite as good as this woman’s, but $30 ain’t too shabby for a case!  I just saved $8.98!

Two Gallons of Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil for $99! – Check out this deal!  Coconut oil is sooo expensive where I live now.  I was spoiled by the military, I suppose.  This is a much better deal than what’s offered at stores around here.

Saving Naturally – This is Stephanie’s new blog (author of Keeper of the Home blog).  It’s really helpful!

I’ll leave you with a glimpse of little ham number one: weekend reading

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2 Responses to Weekend Reading – 6/25

  1. Thanks for the link and mention! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the site so far! And good job on the freezer cooking. It helps so much, doesn’t it? :)

  2. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    You are inspiring, Stephanie! I love pointing others your way. Yes, having meals in the freezer is rewarding and helpful!