Weekend Reading – 6/11

We are in beautiful Charleston, SC enjoying a surprise vacation that I sprung on my family this week.  We’ve had fun at the beach, spending the better part of today on a pontoon boat with friends, and dare I say it–splurging and enjoying foods that we don’t regularly eat.  You only live once, right?

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a run in the historic downtown with my favorite little running companion.  If you’re a runner, do you know about the site Map My Run?  It’s fantastic for when you’re on trips.  I mapped out a route last night so I could just go this morning.  My little guy has been waking up long before everyone else, so to keep it quiet around here for Blane and Tara, we’ve been heading out to explore and today, to run.

weekend reading - crabsOn the pontoon boat, we enjoyed a delicious lunch, complete with fresh caught crab.  Here is my man-child devouring some.  Not how most of us enjoy them, but he doesn’t care!  Believe it or not, I do feed him.  :)

Anyway, here are some interesting posts I thought were worth passing on!  Have a wonderful weekend!


9 Lessons on Parenting I’m Learning from Running – This caught my eye because I’m a runner.  It’s encouraging, even if you aren’t!

Focused Motherhood: Play Your Position – a simple reminder about our very important, irreplaceable role as a mother to our children.

Health & Nutrition

Babies, Salmonella, and Pesticides – Very interesting post from a woman whose baby is recovering from salmonella in the blood stream.   I want to be extra careful about shopping carts!

Dryer Sheets and why old socks are safer - An interesting post about how and why dryer sheets are not safe, pretty pointless, and a safe, easy alternative.  I like it!  You can also use about 1/3 c of vinegar in the rinse cycle to prevent static.

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