A sermon reminding us that beauty is vain

From time to time, I love to recommend good sermons or messages I hear that I believe will encourage others.  Tim Conway is a pastor in San Antonio, TX that my husband had the privilege of sitting under during time away with the Army a few years ago.  We have really enjoyed and been edified by his Biblical teaching.

This sermon entitled “Choosing a Wife (Beauty is Vain)”  is geared toward young men desirous of being married.  However, I believe it will serve as an encouragement to women of all ages.  Maybe I’m strange.   Even though it’s geared towards young men, I was extremely edified and challenged.

I love the fact that Biblical teaching is being heard by young men who desire to be married and I am so thankful for godly men who live life according to Scriptural principles.  This message served to remind me of the incredible man I married and how thankful I am for him.  Not only that, but I was reminded of the huge responsibility I have to teach and train my son (and hopefully future sons!) to embrace Biblical principles and not hold to what the world views as important.

As far as young women who are not married are concerned, I think it will serve has a helpful reminder that what God regards as important is far more worth pursuing than those that our culture would believe us to think essential.

I hope that it will serve you!

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