Happy Birthday, Brant!

happy birthday, brantOne year ago today, my little guy was born!  I can’t believe we are celebrating his first birthday.

After a quick labor at home (about 5-6 hours), Brant arrived on the scene, and not a moment too soon since he was “due” 10 days earlier on July 16.  He topped the scale at 9lbs, 15 oz!  I was ecstatic because I love big babies!  Call me crazy, but after two big babies, I wanna keep having ‘em big.  :) sweet brant

When a baby is born, there is so much to be learned and discovered.  I had no idea what his little temperament and personality would be like, what he’d look like a few months down the road.  Well, it has been such a sweet journey!  Brant is the happiest, sweet-natured little boy.  I got my cuddler with this one!  But don’t be misled, he’s all boy.  As evidenced in all the climbing, “destructo boy” habitbrant on the dishwashers, and toys he chooses to play with.  Or maybe I should say, the way in which he chooses to play with certain toys.  :)

A true gift and answer to prayer, we are so thankful for our little boy.  I was totally surprised to learn I was pregnant with Brant and was shaking with excitement for the next few hours.  What a gift. It truly is the Lord who opens and closes the womb!  We had our own “issues” with waiting on the Lord for children, so I really believe the truth of that statement.  And though I don’t enjoy pregnancy (!!) and find it difficult for several reasons, I am so thankful for the gift and blessing of it and would do it again 10 times for the great rewards that it brings.

Brant, you are a blessing to us and we love you so much!happy birthday, brant 2

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