Weekend Reading – 7/16/10

Oooh, do I have some exciting stuff happening around here!  Within the next few months, things are really going to take off here on the blog.  I can’t share the details because I want it to be a surprise, but I’m pretty pumped!  How’s that for being vague?!

We have an exciting weekend at home – Blane is off tomorrow and we get to meet someone special!!!  I can’t wait!

Things are just exciting and vague today.  :)   Hope you don’t mind!

Marriage & Parenting

Becoming a Better Help Meet:  Remind Yourself! – I loved this short post about another way to build my marriage!

A Gift – A sweet story of gratitude.

Home Is More Than the Dirty Laundry

Spiritual  Growth

Dying to Live – a convicting, encouraging post.  You may wonder why I spend so much time writing about food.  Well, this post will give you a little insight.  I will write about my own experiences at some point.

Happy reading!

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