Weekend Reading – 7/23/10

We’re off to a couples shower for one of my husband’s cousins this weekend.  It will be a fun time of celebrating with them while enjoying each others company as we make the long  trek there (about two an a half hours).  Tara is excited about playing with her cousins and I’m looking forward to getting away for a bit.  What are up to this weekend?  I’ve got a few good reads for you, whatever you have planned.Godly Wife

Capture My Thoughts – This is a great post about taking our thoughts captive when our husbands irritate or annoy us.

Family & Parenting

5 Simple Ways to Create Amazingly Memorable Traditions – I love these practical, easy ideas!  Read the next link for the details on the author’s “Pajama Run.”

How to Make Your Kids Forget You’re Mean – cute idea with lasting impacts!

How to Raise a Spoiled Child – A satirical little piece that deserves reading.

Natural Living

The Story of Cosmetics - VIDEO! This is a great follow-up from my posts about household cleaners, and a great teaser for upcoming posts about body care products.

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