Break from our book review

Life has been busy around our house.  Brant just turned one, Tara will be 3 in a week and we’ll be out of town this weekend.  In addition, my kitchen is being partially renovated this week (ahh, the beauty or renting – all the benefits without the costs!).

I am in the midst of praying through what my day to day life needs to look like.  Taking into perspective all aspects of my husband’s vision for our family and how I can help live it out requires me to evaluate my own desires of what I’d like to accomplish against what will most serve and help him.

The current ages of our children means an extremely demanding daily life and I will not compromise in the areas of teaching and training–a full-time job in and of itself.   In addition to its importance, I absolutely love it(though I don’t always enjoy it :) ).  I also have so much to learn on how to mother better!

So, if you think of it, please join me in prayer.  It will most definitely involve what the future of this blog will be.  It isn’t going away… in fact, my vision for it is being refined.  But, in light of recent conversations and prayer regarding my gifts, abilities, and weaknesses, I desire to evaluate my approach, time spent, and goals for it as well.  My heart is bursting and I want to spit all of it out now…but I need to take time, pray for wisdom, and tread gently.

In the meantime, spread the word, catch up on posts you may have missed, and by all means, comment away!  :)   I’ll be back in a week or so with our Mission of Motherhood series.

And…enjoy some recent pictures taken by our budding photographer, Tara.  :)

three year old photographerthree year old photographer 2three year old photographer 3

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