How do you do relationships?

Do you ever have days when you are teary?  You know, those days when it doesn’t take much before your vision is  blurred or your nose is just dripping as you do the dishes?  Today has been one of those for me. Warning:  this will be a candid, heart-on-my-sleeve kind of post.  how do you do relationships?I am in the process of thinking through how to do life with regards to my giftings, abilities, and husband’s desires for our family.  I find it particularly challenging because my way of doing relationships is not common and my giftings are “hard.”

Some of the gifts the Holy Spirit tends to bless me with aren’t really popular. And sometimes I struggle with what is from the Holy Spirit and was is from my flesh.

So, I remain quiet.  Usually.  People with whom seem to share similar desires as mine I’ll speak more openly with about convictions, etc…But I’m learning that it’s not always welcome with those people.  And sometimes I say too much.  And sometimes people don’t extend grace when imperfect people (like me) mess up in speaking too much.

When I have a friend, I seek to be the best friend that I can be according to what Scripture has laid out in regards to how siblings in Christ should treat one another.  I desire to be obedient to the Word and to bless and edify those whom the Lord has put into my life.  I take it seriously.  I want someone to help me see my sin.  Then to help me see the grace that has been extended toward me that I might mature and put away that sin.   I want to help spur others on to holiness by pointing things out and encouraging them with Scripture, too.  I’m not perfect, not at all.  But I seek to be genuine, and my close friends are few.

Since we have recently moved, the friendship department has been slow moving, partially due to the demanding season of life that I an many others are in.  In thinking on the close friendships developed while living in KY, they are with “exceptional” people.

Let me explain…  Their desire for holiness is genuine.  They don’t lavish superfluous flattery but speak sincere words of encouragement.  Graciously, gently looking into my life and helping me to grow to be more like Jesus.  Careful with their commitments – their “yeses” are yes and their “nos” are nos.  No false promises found with them.   Earnest questions are asked and a genuine desire to serve and edify is evident.  They are not perfect, but they are exceptional people.  They are rare.

I’m looking for them here.  But I don’t think I’ve found them yet. Well, except for two… and they’re pretty special.  I’ve had conflict with one… we’ve worked through conflict.  We are loving each other and I believe God is pleased.

So I suppose God is providing.  And so…I am thankful.  Still a little teary, but thankful.  :)

So how do you do relationships?  Are you seeking to edify others in the body of Christ…or are you hoarding your gifts or misusing them in some way?  Are you extending grace toward those in your life who are imperfect?  When you say you will do something, do you really do it or do you forget about it?

Update: It’s amazing to look back and see what the Lord has been doing…and to see His provision.  I am so thankful for the people the Lord has brought into my life and who we are getting to know now.

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