Weekend Reading – 08/20/10

Well, we are off to Atlanta today for a family wedding this weekend.  I’m looking forward to spending some good quality time with lots of extended family on Blane’s side.  It’s always fun (and interesting) because there are so many cousins – there will be 12 kids – on top of all the adults.  Tara has been eagerly anticipating our time with them by reminding me of all of their names and that they will be there.  :)  

I’m looking forward to heading to Whole Foods and getting some good, non-ultra pasteurized cream so that I can make two  batches of homemade ice cream for Tara’s birthday on Monday.  :) She has asked for chocolate cake AND ice cream.  How can a mama deny such a request?  I can’t believe she’s about to be three.  She has been telling people that she’s “this many” (holding up two fingers), “but about to be this many” (holding up three fingers), “on August 23.”  Come back on Monday for a little tribute to her and the story behind my pregnancy and birth of her.

We’ll resume the Mission of Motherhood series on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Homeschooling Inspiration

It’s that time of year when many of you have either started or are getting ready to start the school year at home.  I am in process of beginning my first year of homeschooling – though it will be much less involved than those of you with older children.  Still, it has served me to get ideas for the future and for inspiration now….and I want to pass them on to you with the hope of helping and encouraging.

Best Ways to Organize a Homeschool Classroom – If you only get to read this post, this is the one to spend your time on!  Once again, Ann Voskamp offers inspiration and insight into something so practical.  I LOVE her homeschool room and I imagine that it is most mom’s *dream* room.  :)   I think you’ll like it.

The Homeschool Advantage: Relax, You’re Already a Teacher – This is a great reminder to us moms, as we are already teaching all the time, whether we realize it or not.  We are not of the camp that school at home should be completely unstructured, though some do it that way and that’s fine.  But what I have been learning is that there are a plethora of informal teaching moments throughout my days with the kids.  I love it and I’m trying to take advantage of it.

Crafty Corner – This is part of the Totally Tots website.  They have TONS of helpful online resources for education at home.  This page has some neat projects to do with our kids.

Parenting & Family

Susanna Wesley’s Sixteen Rules – “Susannah Wesley was the mother of 19 children, including John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism. Although she faced much adversity, she dedicated her life to instilling Christian values into each child. Susannah’s sacrifices paid off; her children went on to change the world.”

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