Weekend Reading – 8/27/10

The weather here in East TN has been absolutely gorgeous this week.  Low humidity, 80s…it almost feels like fall!  :)   It’s been fun to get outside with the kids more and I have been thinking of fun fall recipes, clothes, and activities.  It is almost September.

Yes, I live in East TN. This was taken from my front porch.

Lots when on here this week (when is that not the case with small kids?).  Our kitchen was partially redone and we had a great time with some friends today.


before (my counters aren't usually that clean)

after. a much more updated look!

There were so many great blog posts out there this week and I had a  hard time narrowing down a few to share with you.  But, I want to keep it simple and choose the ones I think are most worth your time, so here they are!

Happy reading!  Enjoy your weekend.


Figuring Out How to Parent Teenagers - Alright, I don’t have teenagers.  But this post (like every post of hers), brought me to tears because of the truth that is applicable in every season of parenting…and of how often I forget.

Parenting Hangs in the Balance – This is a helpful post about what is important in parenting.

Too Crowded – This title and post speaks for itself.  It’s short, quick, and to the point.


Finding Time to Read As a Homemaker – I appreciated this post because I love to read and learn but sometimes struggle with balancing my time.

big boots to fillbig boots to fill 2

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