An Easy Way to Teach Geography

Are you amazed by the amount of information your young ones absorb?  Like sponges, I tell you!  Several months ago, maybe even a year ago (time is a blur these days), I desired to put a map on our table somehow.  I once read of a family that kept a glass tabletop over the table with a large world map underneath.  Not that I’m miss interior design or anything, but I didn’t really want that look for my kitchen.easy way to learn geographySo, I decided to go for the next best thing: a map place mat.  I think I found it for about $2 online (don’t remember where!).  Since then, Tara has enjoyed playing the “Who Lives Here?” game that caused me to hide the place mat for several weeks.  Call me impatient, but I couldn’t handle any more at the time I hid it.  But, it’s rejoined our lives and we are back to playing the game, like it or not.  :)

I have been amazed as, over time, Tara has learned the states and where people we know and love live.  I can give her the name of a state or the names of someone we know, and she knows right where it/they are located. One thing I like about this map in particular is there are pictures of items that each state is known for.  It’s kid friendly, in other words.

We’ll transition to a world map soon.  That is equally as important for her to know in my mind.  We know several people overseas and plenty more are in need of our prayers!

So, go spend $2 on a place mat and take advantage of informal teaching moments with your kiddos!

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2 Responses to An Easy Way to Teach Geography

  1. Sara says:

    This is an awesome idea — thanks!

  2. Sara says:

    Thanks for linking this up to Mommy & Me! What a great idea to have them learn geography without them knowing it!