“Loot Mommy, I’m Det-ur-ating!”

I ran into Hobby Lobby the other day to get supplies for a wedding gift I’ve been asked to make and saw the 50% off sale on all of the fall decor.  I didn’t have much time to look around, but decided to make a trip over the weekend when I’d have more time to peruse the goods.  I came home over the weekend with a few things to add simple fall beauty to our home and asked Tara if she wanted to help me get everything out of the bags.  It was such a delightful time of hearing her exclamations about each item.  “Loot at this!  This is so petty!”  She loved the beautiful pumpkins and decorative candle centerpiece  as much as I did.

“Look down from heaven and see, from your holy and beautiful habitation.

Isaiah 63:15

The Lord lives in a beautiful place, in which one day, for the remainder of our days, we will also dwell.  It is natural to want to beautify our environment.  We are loved by one who created beauty itself!

“Loot mommy, I’m det-urating!”  While Tara’s putting a foam number around a decorative fall display and putting it on the desk is not exactly the same way I would do it, it was so neat to see her living out an aspect of our female-ness that I believe God put in us: a desire to beautify our world around us.  Her (Lord willing) husband will appreciate this one day.

So, I have left her “deturation” right where she put it, because it’s a “thumbprint” of Tara in our house.  She has sought to make our house more beautiful.


Tara's special touch

And also because it makes me smile.

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