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Correcting with Humility

I can’t speak as an expert on the subject of communicating in a manner that is humble and has a humbling effect.  In fact, I am in great need of wisdom and growth in this area.  That’s why I’m so … Continue reading

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Frugal Fall Decorating

Today, I’m excited for you to hear from my friend Jen.  I asked her to share about decorating for fall because she has such an eye for it (and I don’t).  Jen is someone who I always end up squealing … Continue reading

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How & Why To Establish Authority Early

In our family, one seems to be the magic number.  As in, one year-old.  Lots of milestones occur around the first birthday.  Both of our kids were walking,  Tara had a few  words, and I took the plunge and let … Continue reading

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Image via Wikipedia I’m just trying to survive.  You know, without biting everyone’s heads off, eating any chocolate I can gets my hands on, and weeping over a cabinet that won’t cooperate with me.  You know what I’m talking about…right? 

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Age Segregation in Churches

Have you considered what the Bible says about Sunday school, children’s ministry, and youth group?  Hmmm…it’s rather quiet about it.  But, it does have lots to say about families, parents teaching their children, and shows many examples of all age … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading & Blog Update!

Blood.  Sweat.  Tears.  Okay, maybe not blood, but sweat and tears have definitely gone into this blog.  I am working soooo hard to get things ready for the *official* launch date: Monday, October 4th.  Mark your calendars!  Sound the alarm!  … Continue reading

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My Mirror

Do you have days when you are painfully aware of the areas in your character with which you lack?  Today was one of those.  I see my three year-old’s heart and I grieve.  But then, I see myself in a … Continue reading

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The Best Chili Ever!

Yep.  In our house, usually, the temperature doesn’t affect our food choices.  My husband LOVES chili and will eat it at any point druing the year, so long as I prepare it. 

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Groupon: Grab some great deals

I’m all about looking for ways to save money around here, are  you?  I recently stumbled upon Groupon, a site dedicated to bringing great deals to people like us.  I have seen some fabulous deals!

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Teaching Simple Math to a Preschooler

I’ve started doing some more structured purposeful schooling with Tara recently and wanted to share an easy way to begin teaching basic math skills (oh, and a plethora of others!).  This is actually something that I began doing a long … Continue reading

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