Why I Hired Mother’s Helpers

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I had the awesome privilege of having three lovely young women help me in my home yesterday.  Let me tell you…it was a blessing!  Not only are my floors vacuumed, but my bathrooms are clean AND I was able to make a run to the post office sans kids.  I consider that an accomplishment in and of itself!This is a season of life in which I often feel overwhelmed by all there is to do.  You know, the never-ending list that grows by the moment.  I have learned that many things really don’t need to be done on the timetable I used to subscribe to.  My husband certainly doesn’t expect it, my children never seem to notice, and it is definitely not a measure of godliness.

But still, there are times in which it would be helpful to get caught up on these things.  However, life with small kids in need of my time and training leaves little time for cleaning a house.   Let me clarify:  I need help.

I am so thankful for a wonderful, dear friend whom I am getting to know that has walked my path five times over.  She has children who bear the fruit of careful, consistent, attentive mothering, and who are growing into delightful young adults.  Oh, she’s still in the throes of parenting in many respects, but her youngest is several years older than Tara.  After spending some time with her and her girls (15, 13, and 11), I knew that these are young women I’d like for my little girl to spend time with.

And what little girl doesn’t look up to the older  girls she’s around?  I am thankful to have these exemplary young women, whom I trust, for my daughter to spend time with.  I want her to walk with the wise to becomes wise, not be a companion to fools and therefore suffer harm (Proverbs 13:20).  What a gift these girls are to our family!

So, once a month I will have the privilege of having help from them.  And I get to sit at the feet of their mother who I glean wisdom from every time I’m around her.

And next time, I will even get a little guitar lesson to oil my very rusty skills!

Have you thought about having some young women come help you with your children and housework?  I bet it will not only bless you, but serve to give them excellent training ground in becoming a homemaker!

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