Menu Plan Monday for 10/25-10/31

menu plan mondayIt’s already that time of the week again, where has the time gone??

Do you get stuck in a rut with your menu planning?  I do, and I’m so thankful for other women online who post their weekly menus be.cause it serves as fresh inspiration for me  I hope this serves as some menu-planning inspiration for you!

I’m also trying to plan a little for lunches.  I haven’t in the past, but I figure it can only make life a little easier!

And I’m excited to announce that my recipe ebook, “A Primer for Nourishing, Healthy Recipes to Replace Unhealthy Food Products” is now in my store.  Go to the menu at the top of the page and hover over the “Store” category.  You’ll see a drop-down menu and can click on “My eBooks.”  You’ll see it there!  The recipes starred below are in my ebook.


Breakfast: eggs, green smoothies

Lunch: leftover fajitas (k), peanut butter/almond butter sandwiches, raw veggies

Dinner: sloppy joe meat, soaked blender cornbread, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies


Breakfast: carrot breakfast cake

Lunch: sloppy cornbread muffins, cucumbers, raw carrots

Dinner:  jambalaya beans & rice, baked delicata squash, salad


Breakfast: quinoa breakfast cereal, green smoothies

Lunch: TBD

Dinner:  leftover jambalaya beans & rice


Breakfast:  granola

Lunch:  muffins, raw veggies, eggs

Dinner:  butternut squash soup*, soaked biscuits


Breakfast: apple cinnamon millet, green smoothies

Lunch: leftover soup and biscuits

Dinner:  plans with another family


brunch: eggs, coffee cake, hot chocolate

dinner:  beef & barley stuffed peppers*, salad, homemade apple pie and (hopefully) homemade vanilla ice cream


breakfast: granola

lunch: TBD

Dinner: cheddar ranch burgers, broccoli, homemade french fries

For more helpful menu planning ideas and inspiration, check out I’m an Organizing Junkie!

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