Menu Plan…Thursday?

Is it legal to post a menu plan on Thursday? Well, I’m going to, if for nothing else than to give you dinner ideas for next week.  :)   I enjoy seeing what other bloggers plan because sometimes I’m desperately in need of fresh inspiration for meals.  You?

And lately, I’ve been really struggling just to get the basics done around the house, let alone whipping up gourmet meals my family will rave about.  My monthly meal planning has been more like listing enough meals for the month and then planning each week.  It’s been all I can handle right now!

I don’t plan lunches, but that’s when the kids and I usually drink green smoothies or eat eggs.  We eat whatever is in the fridge!  We eat hodge podge lunches. If it consists of veg, protein, and fruit, I’m happy.

Here’s what we’ve eaten and what I plan for us to eat for the remainder of the week (I don’t plan lunches):

Snacks for the week: fruit, homemade granola bars, milk, cheese, homemade bread


breakfast: eggs and toast

dinner: homemade baked beans*, soaked blender cornbread, mixed veggies


REPEAT MONDAY  (so original, I know)


breakfast: Breakfast casserole* (Brant ate two large bowls!)

Dinner : Tuscan Style Potato Soup, salad (from our garden!) with blue cheese, red peppers, and fruit


breakfast: green smoothies with strawberries and bananas and raw egg

dinner: leftovers!


breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, and milk

dinner: chicken pot pie* (loaded with veggies), broccoli


breakfast: undecided

dinner: black bean & cornbread cobbler*, salad, other veggie


breakfast: green smoothies (strawberries & bananas? raw egg)

dinner – fall festival, gone

*doubled or tripled these recipes to freeze

Also made/making this week: a gallon of beef broth, yogurt, large batch of pinto beans for recipes, large batch of white beans for recipes

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5 Responses to Menu Plan…Thursday?

  1. Lindsey says:

    Kelly, care to share your granola recipe? I’ve been trying to find a good one.

  2. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    I actually use this granola recipe from Passionate Homemaking (I omit the water) and this granola bar recipe from Kitchen Stewardship.

  3. Sarah Lohman says:

    Whoa… you make your own yogurt? I would LOVE to try it if so! We go through a lot of yogurt here!

  4. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Sarah, I’ll post the recipe soon! It’s so easy!

  5. Lindsey says:

    dito to what Sarah said!