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12 Steps to a Nourishing Diet

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“I like this, but it has so much fat in it!”  Have you said that or heard someone else say it?  What about buying low-fat products?  Or avoiding eggs, butter, or red meat because they are “fatty”?  Fat (that is found in food) as been blamed for many a health issue for several years. 

Today I hope to dispel the myth that fat is bad for you.  Guess what?  Fat is actually good for you!  So eat your eggs, your nuts, youreat fat! butter, etc…with freedom and enjoyment.  But, don’t do it just because I am saying it’s good.  Let’s learn together why it’s good for you.  And please remember, always evaluate what I say and don’t just take my word for it.

A list of neat facts about fat:

1.   Fat sends a signal to your brain that tells you to stop eating—it satiates!

2.  Fat regulates weight.   !!!

3.  Fat provides energy.

4.  It aids in hormone production and regulates sex hormones.

5.  Fat is in all of our cell membranes–our cells need it.

6.  Protects your organs – fat serves as padding.

7.  Fat transports oxygen to every cell in our bodies.  Fat is the foundation for every hormone, the brain, and the nervous system.

8.  Fat helps your body absorb vitamins.

9.  Fat is what gives certain foods a great taste, texture, and appearance!

In our society that has continued to struggle with obesity, we have to wonder where the glitch is. It seems that obesity has risen more during the years when a low-fat diet has been most prescribed.  Eating low fat ice cream does not mean that you can eat more of it!  You are still taking in not only lots of calories, but also lots of refined sugar (carbohydrates) which will turn into excess fat on you.  Consuming  regular ice cream in a moderate portion will serve you better and here’s why:

Regular consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates will eventually lead to blood sugar, causing the release of insulin which tells your body to store the sugar and as a result, your metabolism slows.

I believe that for most healthy individuals, choosing to eat a low-fat diet is unwise. We read above some fat facts.  Fat is obviously important to consume because our bodies need it.  Eating fat won’t necessarily make you fat.  Our bodies need lots of nutrients but not to the exclusion of one another.  If you are going to drink a green smoothie, eat two eggs with it.  The fat from the eggs will help your body to digest all of the wonderful vitamin K you consumed through your greens!  Not to mention while providing a plethora of other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Aren’t there some bad fats? Yes.  However, you may be surprised to learn where you will find them.  The “bad” fats are actually created when you attempt to create something “healthier.”  In order to do so, high heat is used to extract oil from a seed or bean (not to mention chemicals which could be toxic are also used!).  Two things happen in this process:  the heat destroys nutrients and rearranges the structure of the fat.  The implications of these two results mean a few things.  First, the oil is rendered rancid.  (Believe it, sister!).  Secondly,  it turns the fat into trans fat which means the “new” fat is harder to digest.  Possibly the scariest fact of the matter is that the consumption of trans fat has been linked to cancer and other health issues. This means that vegetable oil is definitely out.  But don’t despair!  There’s options!

What are some sources of good fat? I will share only on what I do in my own home.  There are other good sources of fat, but since I don’t currently use them, I don’t want to claim to know much about them!

-real butter

-unrefined coconut oil and other coconut products

-olive oil



-safflower oil

I hope that you don’t hear me saying that by eating lots of fat, you will be healthier.  Instead, I am suggesting that including fat in your diet in addition to other nourishing foods will lead to a healthier, more nourishing lifestyle.  Just like any other food, there will be days when you eat more of it and days of less.

Enjoy butter on your bread and coconut oil in your oatmeal.  And devour that guacamole!   :)



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