Step 9 – Prepare Your Own Food

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If you’ve stayed with me this far, you are a trooper.   I want to commend you for enduring!  Your commitment is evidence of a genuine desire for change, and that change is happening!  Gaining knowledge is the second step to making change and you are doing great.  Step nine is one of the most crucial steps in your goal of consuming real, nourishing foods:  prepare your own food.  And actually, it involves a bit of review of what we have already covered.

Before we dive in, there may already be some laments rising up such as, “But it takes too much time!”  Or,  ”Store bought tastes so much better!”  I’ll just respond to them from the get go and say that, yes, preparing your own food does take more time than opening a can of soup and popping it in the microwave.  And I’ll also say that it is possible to make things taste better than what you can buy in the store.  Sure, there might be a little bit of a learning curve, but with some practice, your preparation of food will certainly taste better and take less time the longer you do it.  Somewhere along the way, you’ll probably invent a recipe or two!

We’ve already discussed MSG, GMOs, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and yucky additives.  Later, we’ll discuss milk, meats, and grains.  Most “food” products in stores contain compromised components of these real foods and contain a lot of the bad ingredients such as MSG, GMOs, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.  By preparing your food at home, you’ll be able to avoid all of these.

Most food that is pre-packaged is also processed, destroying most of the nutrients that would be found closer to its original state.  By preparing food at home, you control what is going into it and how processed it becomes.  I have no problem with “processing” food at home and in fact, it all is, even if you are just washing a piece of fruit.  Your processing probably won’t denature foods (unless you nuke ‘em in the microwave), only make them a bit more palatable than they may be in their rawest form (though many foods are wonderful this way!).

So what kind of foods am I talking about? Well, pretty much everything.

  • Bread
  • Tortillas
  • Muffins
  • Quick breads
  • Dinner rolls and hamburger buns
  • Cereals such as granola or oatmeal (and there are so many more options!)
  • Chicken, beef, and vegetable broth
  • Cream of Chicken, Mushroom, Celery Soups
  • Cheeses
  • Yogurt
  • Pizza
  • Salad dressings and other condiments
  • The list goes on…

Don’t despair!  It’s not as hard as it sounds. There are so many resources online and on my own blog that will help walk you through the process of beginning to make these things at home.  At the end of the series, I’ll have a list of helpful resources where you can find recipes for many of these things, as well as the other ebook I’ve written, A Primer for Nutritious Homemade Recipes to Replace Unhealthy Food Products. (You’ll see that one and the 12 Steps book in my store soon!)

Preparing your own food at home will be one of the best, most helpful steps in transitioning to real foods that you can make.  Even if you’ve never considered yourself to be a good cook, you can learn how to prepare nourishing foods for your family!

Who wants to win a copy of my newest ebook, “A Primer for Healthy, Nutritious Alternatives to Unhealthy Food Products?” Just leave a comment below letting me know why you would like a copy!  Giveaway is open until Saturday at midnight.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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8 Responses to Step 9 – Prepare Your Own Food

  1. Amy K. says:

    I would love to get my hands on your recipes! I have had the pleasure of enjoying some of your recipes. I can’t wait to try them for myself. You have always been a wealth of knowledge. I truly hope to learn from your years of practice. I really am interested in your hamburger buns recipe.

    If I don’t win it, can I buy it?

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Kelly, I have enjoyed reading your articles very much. I would love to win (or buy) a copy of your ebook! My mother first introduced me to Sally Fallon years ago, and while we don’t eat nearly as healthily as I would like, I am trying to incorporate more healthy-and-still-tasty foods into our diet. I would love to try some of your recipes!

  3. Sara says:

    Would love all the help I can get. I love gleaning from others who have done their homework and are willing to share it!

  4. Tami says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book! I’ve been keeping up with each of these steps- desiring to steer my family towards healthy, wholesome eating, and we’ve already made big changes and achievements! I still have so much to learn, but am committed!

  5. Mandi says:

    I have been behind, but catching up and enjoying (yet discouraged with) this info. I would love a copy of the book as I need tangible ways to put all this into practice. I’m going to check out your other ebooks and recipes soon.

    Here’s a question for you or anyone else….how do you do much of this when you have a husband who isn’t exactly an icon for health? He is fairly open, but is very picky. His idea of healthy is eating green beans and drinking water. He will still continue to eat out during lunch hours and his vegetable repertoire is narrow (green beans, peas, corn, carrots). I also have a very picky 5 year old, whose only vegetable is cucumber and who often doesn’t eat dinner at all or eats pb & j. How do you get healthy like this and deal w/ the whole family. Glad you guys are both on board, but my hubby is still going to eat ice cream every night. I don’t want to cook separate for everyone. As it is, my kids can eat what I make or there is always pb &j. Advice?

  6. Elizabeth (Lassiter) Steele says:

    I would like to be entered…. I LOVE to try new recipes. Not to mention, I would love to read something that you’ve written, Kelly!

  7. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Rachel, thanks so much for reading! Yes, Nourishing Traditions has been so helpful for me. I honestly like it not as much for the recipes, but for all of the interesting, useful information.

  8. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Yep! It’s in my store now!