Weekend Reading – 10/1

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Happy Friday and happy October!  A friend and I used to celebrate the start of a new month together, because of the fresh new beginning offered to us.  Today, I’m hoping it means that fall will be here to stay.  It is October, after all.  I grew up wearing pants and long sleeves in September. And I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I miss my beloved Maryland right now.  (And you have been reading all along thinking I probably have a Southern accent!) So many fall-time memories have risen to the surface as the cooler air has slowly rolled in here in east Tennessee. It has made for therapeutic, longer runs (that and a very testy 14-month old!).I have just a few good posts from this week for you, because you’ll need the  brain space to digest at least two of them.   One is even from today.  I’m just that good– getting you the latest, greatest material to read. Or a little late getting my ducks in a row. Either way, my personal favorite is a tie.  Can you guess which two?

Lastly, I’m a little shaky with anticipation this morning, because the big day is Monday (gulp).  Don’t forget to pass the word along.  Will you tell 5 people (or more!) you know that might enjoy reading the blog about it? My design should be ready today (I know you’re wondering if it really is going to go up – but I am not the one designing, so it’s out of my hands!).  So pardon any glitches that occur over the weekend as we get it up and running. 

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SHAMELESS PLUG – There is a blogging conference for Christian women at the end of the month, Oct. 21-24.  My desire to go just bloomed a few weeks ago, but funds to make it there just aren’t available.  A woman who can’t go is giving her ticket away to one winner on Monday.  If ya really love me, go enter for me!  It’s allowed!  I already have one college blogger friend (who I haven’t seen in the 7 yrs since we graduated) who has entered for me countless time, on her own volition because she wants me to be there.  Just overlook, shake your head, or laugh over the number of entries I have done.  Hey, it can’t hurt!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!  We’re off to a hot air balloon festival tomorrow.  Tara is having a difficult time wrapping her mind around balloons that are big enough to have a basket underneath to ride in.  She loves balloons.  :)

Learning to Manage Money is Great for Your Marriage – You will soon learn that I am a HUGE fan of budgets.  With good reason…finances have NEVER been an issue of conflict for Blane and me thanks to his wonderful invention (another post!)

One Voice – Can I really add words to this post?  Often, Sara articulates similar thoughts I am mulling over but would never be able to articulate as eloquently.  Her writing, especially as of late, has ministered to this fragile heart.

Introducing Herb Remedies Month and My Thoughts on Meeting Joel Salatin – I delve a bit into my view on politics in the upcoming series, 12 Steps to a Nourishing Diet (starts Oct. 11!), but it’s really unavoidable, and you’ll see why.    All this to say, when you read this post about Joel Salatin, you’ll walk away understanding more about Blane and I, because we share perspectives with Mr. Salatin.

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