Christmas Decorating

I’m probably giving Kelly a heart attack right now. I told her she would have my blog by Friday. It is now Tuesday at 4:30pm. Oops. My only excuse is that my in-laws were coming for the weekend for our baby shower. You know what that is like… “AHHHH! Our tub needs to be re-caulked! I need to mop the entire downstairs! All our towels need to be bleached!”Despite the fact that I haven’t written anything ’til now doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. I have. In fact, as I walked through Anthropologie in Boston the other day I kept thinking about you.

Now, the real question is, how am I going to get the photos I covertly took in the store off my phone and into this post… Well, friends, I’m not.  There was no memory stick in my phone so I’m going to recreate them. Here’s what I found as holiday displays in the store and loved:


Champagne flutes with a sprig of balsam around the bottom with a beautiful velvet ribbon. You could do this with any goblet (water, wine, you name it!). The ones I saw were skinny champagne flutes and it was such an elegant yet earthy way to spruce (no pun intended) up your glasses. I’m going to do this one for our Christmas party and will take pics for you. (The photo is neat too but I’m not big on sap in my drink… It was taken from Country Living) I’m still partial to the evergreen tied to the base of the flute or goblet.

Pots with birch trees and cabbage. I loved this idea… in fact the other day I went to the woods to find my own birch… and came back with an entire log infested with bugs. (I know AJ appreciated it when I brought it into the house for him to cut it for our fireplace.) It was such a simple arrangement if you can find non-rotted birch logs. Just prop them up vertically in a pot, cover with mulch or dirt to stabilize it and either plant cabbage / kale around it.  Or do what I intend to do (because it’s cheaper) and go into the woods and cut down evergreen branches and use some of those fabulous red berries on the side of the road now! (Or is that just a New England thing?)

Christmas trees made out of feathers. You may be thinking this is bizarre. It is definitely not your typical holiday look but I think that is why I like it (granted, I don’t like these feathers, I’d like white feathers). I’d go to a craft store, purchase the foam Christmas tree shape and then a bag of feathers and start pinning them with white headed pins to the foam.

Ornaments hung at varying lengths from a stick. That sounds strange, I know, but picture a stick hung parallel with the ceiling and then picture clear ornaments (or it could be any color) hanging down at varying lengths from twine. It was such a neat contrast of the sophistication of the ornament against the rough texture of the twine and the branch.

Okay, so as I was trying in vain to find a photo that I love of birch logs propped up in pots. I found the above photo (birds on birch) online at a website I’ve never heard of, I am SOOO going to make this for my mantle but with less creepy white birds.

See you next month!

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Jen loves event design, baking, decorating, and working around the house with her husband, AJ. Their first baby, a boy, is due December 29. She loves finding things on the side of the road and re-doing them. She has been a runner since she was young and loves to read, especially the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. Last fall AJ and Jen started a Sunday Soup Night with friends from their church and hope to make it more of an outreach event this fall…once they finish renovating their kitchen. Follow their progress (and see some super cute pregnancy pics!) at their blog,AJ and Jen Migonis.
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