Two Sermons to Commend

Two sermons I had the privilege of hearing this week are on my mind and I wanted to commend them to you.

First, we are so blessed to be under the leadership of some of the most humble men we have ever been around.  Our pastors excel at honoring others and walking in humility.  They are a true example to us in this respect.  Our senior pastor spoke yesterday about unity within the body of Christ.  This is a matter that sits so close to my heart, not because I think I am wonderful at pursuing unity, but because I desire it.  I have failed miserably in loving people and in walking in humility.  And I’ve also been deeply hurt by people who have not loved me well or walked in humility with me–I’m sure everyone can relate on both sides of the issue.  So it’s with high regard that I commend this sermon to you–I plan on listening to it again this week.  Unity: Do It Now, by Bill Kittrell

Secondly, I have been so blessed by the ministry of Mike Bickle, at the International House of Prayer (IHOP).  He is a man for whom I have great respect because of his heart for the Lord.  He is humble and he pursues Jesus Christ unashamedly.  I love listening to him teach.  He is extremely practical in his approach to life–and the sermon I want to recommend is very practical.  It was so helpful to me.  How to Develop a Strong Prayer Life.

I hope you’re encouraged as much as I was by these messages.

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