Weekend Reading

I’ve been terribly inconsistent with posting good posts/articles from around the web each week–forgive me!  I hope you’ll glean something from these this weekend.

The Amazing Grace of God – Watch until the end.  I promise you’ll at least be a little teary.

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal – Being on the current pumpkin kick that I am, this will be tested in my kitchen soon, and I’ll revamp it to be a soaked recipe.

Al Mohler’s Thoughts on Yoga Part One and Two – I’ve begun doing p90x the way it’s recommended (instead of picking and choosing what I like :) ), but before doing any yoga (which I’ve never done before), Blane wanted me to read what Dr. Mohler had to say.  My conclusion: I’m not comfortable with anything that has the appearance or the association with evil (anything that is NOT of the Lord), so I’ll do pilates instead.

Five S.M.A.R.T. Choices to Protect Your Marriage on Facebook – I got off of FB months ago (my personal account) for several reasons, which is another post for another day.  But those of you on it, this is worth reading!

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