A Wedding Story

Last weekend we had the privilege of traveling to Washington, DC for the wedding of my brother-in-law.  What a joyous, special occasion!  Blane, Tara, and I were honored to all be a part of the ceremony while my mom graciously (and to her delight) kept Brant the entire weekend since she lives nearby.

Early in the week, I practiced rolling Tara’s hair with sponge rollers, which I did not end up using on Saturday. (I decided that sleep for this 3 y.o. was more important than looking super cute). We ran a few errands the day I rolled it and many strangers thought it was pretty cute.

Before the actual rehearsal, Tara was practicing walking down the aisle for her very important role as the flower girl.  As it turns out, during the ceremony, she walked down the aisle face to the ground, holding the hand of one of the ring bearers.  She made it down and that was the most important part! We tried for a family picture, but someone decided she’d rather hide.

Afterward, she thoroughly enjoyed fried calamari.  I let her have my portion, too.  My dad (he’s Italian) will be so proud.

The next morning, we walked to the church from Ryan’s house, which are both just a few blocks from Capitol Hill.  What a fun experience watching people drive by with dropped jaws having just seen a bride walking down the street!

We tried to get another family picture, but this three year old just doesn’t ever want to cooperate.  Oh well!

At least now Blane and I have more recent and decent photos together!

On the way to the reception, someone snoozed in the car.  It was a very busy weekend with two late nights, but this gal was a dream!  She did marvelously and it helped to make the entire weekend so much fun for us.

She parked it at the play dough table during the reception.  I busted a few moves on the dance floor while my non-dancing husband watched.  (A girl has to take the opportunity when given them!)  He did join me when the music slowed down.  However, I don’t want to watch the video that my father-in-law delights in taking during every wedding reception of me dancing. A real hoot, I tell you.  :) At least he got some of the others, too (I think!).

And it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share at least one picture of the beautiful bride and handsome groom with you!

Brothers and sisters–the family is now complete, save the next generation! And just for clarification, all of us Tarr girls have married into the family–in case you didn’t notice the brothers look alike.  :)

Now for a few details about the weekend.

First, I just love weddings.  Because I am sentimental, weepy, etc.  I relish in the act of worship that it truly is.  This couple is one that was ordained by God and will be used for His glory both in the lives of each other and countless others.

At the rehearsal dinner, there was time for sharing about/with the bride and groom.  I laughed until I cried as one of Brady’s friends shared a story that I had the lovely experience of knowing about first hand since I’m a veteran member of the family.  I’ve heard it a thousand times, but this guy is an awesome orator.

I was ministered to as another of Brady’s friends got up and not only affirmed and honored him before a room full of people, but encouraged Ryan by telling her what sort of husband she’d be receiving.  It was such a testimony of the body of Christ edifying one another.

And then I nervously choked out butchered what I wanted to say.  Brady has been such a good brother to me–I am so happy for him.  And I could not have chosen a woman better suited for him.  I am so excited to have a sister and want her to feel so welcomed into the family.

It’s not my story to tell, but suffice it to say that Brady, I believe, is truly Ryan’s knight in shining armor.  He will serve her in ways very similar to how Blane has been used in my life.  I am so excited for them!

I appreciated the man who led the ceremony–someone who has known Ryan for a few years and has gotten to know Brady well over the past many months since he’s lived and served there.  He chose a word for each of them and charged them with it, as well as a word for them as a couple.  It was so meaningful because as he did, he made a few observations about each of them and encouraged the other with it.

Perhaps the sweetest part of the ceremony was when the minister officiating choked up speaking of Ryan and called her his hero out of everyone in their congregation.  What high honors!

I am so excited to gain a sister!!!

Everything went without a hitch, except for behind the scenes.  Suffice it to say that when a passport is lost and the time in between the ceremony and reception is spent on the phone with a woman in NYC, and on the computer filling out forms to get an expedited passport…there was a little stress.  We are praying that as you read this, they are on their way to honeymooning in the tropics, albeit a few days later than originally planned.

It was a wonderful weekend and I’m so excited that another marriage has been established!

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2 Responses to A Wedding Story

  1. Hannah says:

    Yay!! How exciting!! Thanks for sharing your trip up to DC. I was hoping to hear about it and the pictures were a bonus. What a neat story. My family is all girls (opposite of the Tarr brothers); I am waiting for 2 more brothers. It will be a few to several more years, but I anticipate it!

  2. Elizabeth (Lassiter) Steele says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, Kelly! I was delighted to see the pictures of the beautiful bride, and Brady, of course. I do hope they make it to their honeymoon destination…. my goodness, what a thing to remember about your wedding. Looking forward to hearing how the Lord uses them together for His work.