Bright Star

From my beloved Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

BRIGHT, a. brite. [Heb. to shine.]

1. Shining; lucid; luminous; splendid; as a bright sun or star; a bright metal.

2. Clear; transparent; as liquors.

3. Evident; clear; manifest to the mind,as light is to the eyes.

4. Resplendent with charms; as a bright beauty; the brightest fair.

5. Illuminated with science; sparkling with wit; as the brightest of men.

6. Illustrious; glorious; as the brightest period of a kingdom.

7. In popular language, ingenious; possessing an active mind.

8. Promising good or success; as bright prospects.

9. Sparkling; animated; as bright eyes.

STAR, n.

1. An apparently small luminous body in the heavens, that appears in the night, or when its light is not obscured by clouds or lost in the brighter effulgence of the sun. Stars are fixed or planetary. The fixed stars are known by their perpetual twinkling, and by their being always in the same position in relation to each other. The planets do not twinkle, and they revolve about the sun. The stars are worlds, and their immense numbers exhibit the astonishing extent of creation and of divine power.

Bright Star, Jesus.

Splendid.  Glorious.  Unmistakingly resplendent.

You will not be obscured by the glory of another–

all smaller lights point to You.

Fixed.  Constant.  Unchanging–

You are always shining.  Sparkling.  Dazzling.

I am astonished at the extent of the Father’s delight in You–

and what it means for me.

In You, who shines brighter than any other,

there is magnificent, unmatched, unbridled hope.

O, that the taste I’ve had would only grow and take over every despairing ounce in me.

Be at the forefront of my mind and heart.

My default.

Illumine Yourself in my heart so that I am blinded to everything but Your worth.

And let the Hope that has taken root truly under gird me.

May my delight in You grow,

As I grow in the hope of Your delight in me.

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