How You Can Help Change Their World

We were grafted in, to a family with a Father so different from our own sinful selves.  At first, we speak a different language, have very different behavior patterns, and we certainly don’t look like Him. Over time, as we get to know Him and enjoy being a part of His family, our desires, language, behaviors all become like His.

However, one thing is true from the get-go, from before our conception: We were His from history past to history future, we are part of His family.  I believe this to be so with the orphan, too.  God has known.  Every need.  Every desire. The family into which they’ll be grafted.And so adoption is something very close to my heart.  And I know it’s close to the hearts of many who have adopted and who have yet to adopt. Like so many other things within this body of brothers and sisters, we all have different roles.  We (Blane and I) don’t believe the Lord will lead every family to adopt a child (or more).  I believe He is so “into” the details of our lives (because He is caring!) that He provides for orphans in ways that would blow our minds.

Take for example, the intercessors who prays before, during (need, concerns, hiccups, praises, etc.), and after for the adopting family and the orphan.  Or the prophet the Lord uses to speak to a couple about adoption.  Or the singer the Lord uses to nudge a heart toward it.  Or the teacher who teaches about it.  Or the nurse who cares to the sick orphan.  Or the caregivers of the orphan before he goes home. Or the adoption agency who makes it possible for the process to happen.  Or the social worker who serves a family in the process.  Or the generous giver that helps fund the adoption. I know I’m forgetting a vital person in the process.

My point is that we need each other.  We can’t do without even one person in the body of Christ.  I believe that in adoption, the same principle lies.  These families need us who are not currently called to adopt! The orphan needs us.

Right now, Blane and I have not been called to adopt ourselves.  The Lord has shown us that we have a different role in the lives of orphans.  And I’m okay with that–so long as we are staying right where He wants us.  At the gentlest whisper from Him, we’d do it–and I’d love it.

So today, I want to ask you, what is your gift? How can you serve a family going through the adoption process–serve the orphan? There are so many (needs and families and orphans!).

If you’re looking for a family to give generously to, or desire to use what the Lord has gifted you with to serve them in the adoption process, please read the McClure’s adoption journey.  They are just beginning, and I know they’ll be blessed by you.

I’ve put Sara’s button for her Etsy shop, Stiches by Sara up on my sidebar.  Every item purchased through her shop goes directly toward their adoption.  I’m not an affiliate, just a college friend.

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2 Responses to How You Can Help Change Their World

  1. Sara says:


    I love your heart! I fully agree — we are not all called to adopt. The body of Christ is full of the complexity of God manifest in the wide range of callings and life-purposes for each of His people.

    As an adoptive mother, I THANK YOU for encouraging me and others to stand for the fatherless in the unique way each of us is called!


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