Well, after putting my post up on Tuesday about sick kids, going to the doctor, etc.   Tara woke up with no fever.  So, I debated about whether to take them in.  But, I decided to go since the day before her fever went from none to 104.

In the waiting room, again, I felt like leaving as they both bounced around the room, happy as could be with their snotty noses and yucky coughs.  But we stayed.

I’m happy to report: nothing.  The kids are fine, just a virus. So it goes!

But, I have to tell you about my new, exciting miracle herb/oil: Oil of Oregano.

I have absolutely no information for you on it today–which means you’ll have to research it yourself (sorry!), but it’s simply amazing.

Thankfully, to God’s grace and His provision through herbs, I am still feeling pretty good.  Tired, but good.  Here’s hoping that we’ll have an illness-free Christmas!

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