Weekend Reading

As usual, there are many blog posts worthy of  a few minutes of your time.  It was very hard to narrow it down, so I’m throwing lots at ya, for you to pick and choose.  I hope you’re encouraged–hasn’t the Lord given these women a gift in their ability to write in such a way that inspires? I’m so thankful for each of them.

Forgive my long explanations for why I’ve linked to them!

Balancing Nutrition and Priorities, Part 1 and Part 2 – I cannot recommend this article highly enough.  I would like to say more, but believe it should be left to Lindsay and Natalie, who have together done a marvelous job.

A Hopeful Theology of Miscarriage – Earlier this week, I eluded to a miscarriage, so when I came across this post, it served to encourage me.

How Writing Is Like a Bell- I love this post.  I struggle, for a few reasons, with feeling condemnation as I write.  It’s like a cloak that at times  is heavy and unshakable.  I was encouraged and reminded that my writing, as shabby as it may be is an act of worship to Him.  Just like dancing, it is a way for me to respond to the Lord, to process, to communicate with Him…and to offer to you a part of my heart that desires for You to savor Him.

Can Words Really Change the World? Similar to the above post, I really appreciated this post by Ann Voskamp and Holley Gerth.  You can follow this series here.

Preparing a Place Ministries – So this isn’t a blog post, but it’s so worth your time. I shared my heart about adoption last week, and I absolutely boo-hood through the video on the first page of this ministry’s website.  “As many as the Lord will give us…” Those sweet little brown faces make me go crazy!  I just want to squeeze and love on them.

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