Weekend Reading

We are off to Ashville, NC for the day to tour the Biltmore House due to the generosity of Blane’s boss.  I can’t wait to take in the beauty!  There were some fabulous posts this week, so forgive me if I post more than two or three!

Legalism: Yours, Mine, and Ours -   On my heart a lot lately, I really appreciated this post.  Mrs. MacDonald has a wonderful blog if you haven’t been over there yet!

Comparison brings death to the soul, but there’s a way… – Because adoration is being woven (slowly) into the fiber of my being, I appreciate this post.  Probably a “must read” for most women.

What About Their Baby Books? – A tear jerker, I’m warning you!

How We May See Each Other: A Proposal – One thing on my heart the last few months is what Laura has written here.  How we see each other not only on blogs, but in the body of Christ in general.  Then, that we would then live out true, Biblical love.

The Work of a Farmer – Because it is our dream (not a lofty one! as described) to have land.

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