Before I Go…

I wanted to let you know about some great blogs and ministries that have been profitable to me, and I hope will be to you, too, if you’re unfamiliar with them.  I don’t read all of the blogs anymore, but they are so worth recommending!

And, feel free to contact me (top of the page) if you desire.  I will still have the email account connected to the blog.  I received a wonderfully encouraging email from a reader last night.

Okay, this first one might seem random, but I want to highly recommend Another Blessing to you.  This is a family business that sells ovulation kits and pregnancy tests at a fraction of the cost typically paid at a local store (we’re talking less that $2 for two!).  We have ordered from them a few times (both products) and they’ve been wonderful (the tests AND the people).  Good communication, fast shipping, and detailed instructions included.

Blogs (in no particular order)

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet – Be prepared to meet God here.  God works through Sara’s writing and she has, in many ways, become a mentor and friend.

10 Million Miles – Laura has been tremendous in her helps for mothers.  I have a lot of respect for her!

Dance and Be Glad – I LOVE Leah’s heart to love God with every ounce of our being, and “to help support and raise up dancers for the Lord.”  Another friend.

Generation Cedar – This woman loves her children–and desires to help other believers understand God’s heart for children as well.  I love her passion.

Passionate Homemaking – A practical and encouraging blog for a wife and mother at home

Guarded by the Gospel – Another practical and encouraging blog for a wife and mother at home

Keeper of the Home – Stephanie has worked hard to provide many great writers to help the Christian homemaker.

Frugal Granola – I really appreciate Michele’s heart to be Christ-centered in everything she does.  We have many similarities!

Naturally Knocked Up – Donielle has a heart to help other women achieve fertility (which she’d agree is really in the Lord’s hands) through knowing our bodies and nourishing them.  She is offering a 60% discount for her Naturally Fertility Workshop through tonight at midnight when you sign up for her newsletter.

Heavenly Homemakers – I just love Laura’s sense of humor, transparency, and very helpful, practical resources.

Happy Brown House – Sara is a college friend who is extremely crafty and talented.  (Purchase something from her shop to help with their adoption!!)

Casual Cuisine – my friend Nancy’s cooking blog that has LOTS of delicious recipes (I know because I’ve made a lot and many have become go-to recipes)

A Holy Experience – Ann’s writing is both inspiring and convicting.

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood – A wonderful resource for promoting Biblical womanhood.

Raising Homemakers – Another great resource for mothers of daughters.  Practical and fun!

The Gospel Coalition Blog – For the thinker, a wonderful blog promoting Gospel-centered thinking and living within the body of Christ

Striving to Serve at Home – This girl rocks.  She is at least 9 years younger than me and has recently married. Her heart is just beautiful.  I would love, if we lived near one another, for Tara to spend time with her. What a godly young woman.

1+1+1=1 – A wonderful homeschooling resource

Forever ‘n Ever ‘n Always – I came across this blog after seeing repeated encouraging, edifying comments on another blog.  I just had to know who this woman was!  What an encouraging blog she has.  She has blessed me through her building up another believer.


Sovereign Grace Ministries

Desiring God

International House of Prayer (I love turning the live stream for the Prayer Room on throughout our day)

Vision Forum

Family Ministries

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3 Responses to Before I Go…

  1. Tami says:

    Will your website stay as-is? You’ve posted so many great links, just wondering if I’ll still be able to pull up this page, for example, as resources?

  2. Kelly @ Domestic by Design says:

    Yes, I’ll leave it as is. :)

  3. Elizabeth (Lassiter) Steele says:

    I”m sorry to see your blog go (for now), but am totally understanding your point of view. I cannot even begin to imagine the time and energy that goes into blogging, but appreciate that it can be a fruitful ministry when the timing is right. We just got internet in our home back in July, and I am amazed at how I can waste my kids’ entire naptime if I am not disciplined! Naptime is the only time I have to get anything done around the house, and can’t be taken lightly! I have told Joe that life was simpler when we didn’t have it. : ) We will continue to pray that the Lord would give you another baby, knowing that we can rest in His good will (and timing)! Love and blessings to all you Tarr’s.