(Cold) Veggie Pizza

We’ve been experiencing summer in this last part of winter, so I’ve begun pulling some of my favorite summer recipes to make for dinner.  Now that I’m almost fully out of my “I hate vegetables” season of pregnancy, this pizza is the very type of meal I am craving. 

(I don't have the best camera!)

I first had this pizza when some friends brought us dinner after I had Brant.  I loved it and asked for the recipe.  When we moved when Brant was three months old, I made it for the moving guys, very skeptical if they’d like it (why did I fix it? Not sure)…and they loved it.  It’s not Blane’s favorite, but the kids, especially Brant, really enjoy it.

I am slowly getting back into a normal routine with dinners, and typically every other Friday we eat pizza.  This summer, I plan to alternate between this, Pizza Bianco, and fruit pizza (recipe to come!).

Cold Veggie Pizza

pre-baked and cooled pizza crust

8-16 oz cream cheese (adjust to your preference)

8 oz. Italian salad dressing (I sometimes, but not always use my homemade recipe)

1 can artichoke hearts, quartered

1 red pepper, chopped

green onions, chopped

grape tomatoes, halved

cucumber, small pieces

greek olives, sliced

shredded carrots

broccoli, chopped

1.  In a large bowl, combine all of the veggies.  There is no exact amount to combine, it’s according to your preference.  The pizza will be loaded with veggies and I still often have some leftover in a bowl that I’ll add to a salad.

2.  Toss veggies with salad dressing.

3.  Spread cream cheese over pizza crust, then top with veggies.

This pizza is such a refreshing summer meal!

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One Response to (Cold) Veggie Pizza

  1. Honey says:

    I make something similar to this. probably not as healthy as yours, but it is still good. I use low-fat crescent roll dough for the crust. And cream cheese mixed with dill, mayo and garlic. The whatever veggies you want (we like cucumber, carrots, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, etc -all are raw). Then a little shredded cheddar on top and it’s a meal. I think it originated from a pampered chef recipe. I am enjoying your recipes!