Well, after putting my post up on Tuesday about sick kids, going to the doctor, etc.   Tara woke up with no fever.  So, I debated about whether to take them in.  But, I decided to go since the day before her fever went from none to 104.

In the waiting room, again, I felt like leaving as they both bounced around the room, happy as could be with their snotty noses and yucky coughs.  But we stayed.

I’m happy to report: nothing.  The kids are fine, just a virus. So it goes!

But, I have to tell you about my new, exciting miracle herb/oil: Oil of Oregano.

I have absolutely no information for you on it today–which means you’ll have to research it yourself (sorry!), but it’s simply amazing.

Thankfully, to God’s grace and His provision through herbs, I am still feeling pretty good.  Tired, but good.  Here’s hoping that we’ll have an illness-free Christmas!

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Sick Kids and Freezing Rain

That’s NOT a good combination when I’m planning to venture to the doctor’s office this morning!  Thankfully, the office is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from our home. Continue reading

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Weekend Reading

As usual, there are many blog posts worthy of  a few minutes of your time.  It was very hard to narrow it down, so I’m throwing lots at ya, for you to pick and choose.  I hope you’re encouraged–hasn’t the Lord given these women a gift in their ability to write in such a way that inspires? I’m so thankful for each of them. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the Tarrs

Each year, Blane has suggested sending our Christmas letter via email.  And each year, I’ve explained how much I enjoy receiving cards and pictures in the mail.  So we have sent out cards via snail mail.

This year, the winds have changed.

I gave in, mainly because I really wanted to design our letter and the cost of having a pre-fabricated one was just too high.  And the thought of buying the number of stamps I would need was so unappealing to me.  Particularly because it’s hard enough to get to the post office these days.

So, for you below is a PDF version (click the link) of our Christmas letter whose design was inspired by Shutterfly.

Merry Christmas from the Tarrs

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A Future of Hope

2010 has been a year of losses.  The loss of a life within my womb and a once-treasured relationship, the painfully slow process of transitioning after a major move are just a few–but certainly the most difficult.  To say this year has been hard seems like an understatement.  I am wearing the scars of a ravaged heart that a select few people know the details about. Continue reading

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A Wedding Story

Last weekend we had the privilege of traveling to Washington, DC for the wedding of my brother-in-law.  What a joyous, special occasion!  Blane, Tara, and I were honored to all be a part of the ceremony while my mom graciously (and to her delight) kept Brant the entire weekend since she lives nearby. Continue reading

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How You Can Help Change Their World

We were grafted in, to a family with a Father so different from our own sinful selves.  At first, we speak a different language, have very different behavior patterns, and we certainly don’t look like Him. Over time, as we get to know Him and enjoy being a part of His family, our desires, language, behaviors all become like His.

However, one thing is true from the get-go, from before our conception: We were His from history past to history future, we are part of His family.  I believe this to be so with the orphan, too.  God has known.  Every need.  Every desire. The family into which they’ll be grafted. Continue reading

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Offering Him a Dance of Praise

Today, you’ll hear from a woman who shares similar heart desires to my own.  I am so excited as she brings to you a gift–what was uniquely designed and given to her by the Lord for the purpose of edifying the body of Christ.  Though we might be uncomfortable with the gifts others have, it’s true isn’t it, that we need one another?  I pray you’ll be blessed as you hear from a woman who desires to please her Lord with every ounce of her being.

And, it’s a blog swap–I’m over at her place today writing about hope. Continue reading

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Real Food Christmas Cookie Exchange

Snickerdoodles. Falmouth Maine

Ladies, it’s finally time to share your favorite Christmas cookie with us!  I am looking forward to adding some new Christmas cookie recipes to my repetoire–because I don’t have many. Continue reading

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Red Rooibos Spice Chai Tea

Masala Chai
Image by wertheim via Flickr

It is time to hunker down with something hot to drink here in east Tennessee.  It’s a balmy 29 degrees at 3:45pm.  I. Am. Cold.  I hate being cold–even if I am from the north.  In honor of cold weather setting in everywhere (except maybe Florida), I wanted to share my favorite tea with you. Continue reading

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